Monday, 31 October 2011

my bad guys

ive not blogged in sooooo long, sorry ive just had some stuff going on is all, im going to try and post more frequently now though

Thursday, 8 September 2011

not been posting much because ive not really been feeling like playing anything lately, just not in the mood, going through some real life things that are kind of tough but i just thought id update my 8 followers that ill be posting again, ive not stopped im just not playing anything to post about,

i cant find the Fo3 fan art i did, so to make up for it i did a bit of alt art of robin boy wonder
, its about the way that comics have changed and have been censored to the max, to the point where things are just not worth reading

Saturday, 3 September 2011

since this a gaming blog, i thought i should share that i am now playing Cluedo with the Family :(

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Urghh, late flight, late cab home, but I'm finally back. Sleep now, ill upload the fo3 tomorrow, late. Need sleep. It's good to be back, now only a week untill school

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sorry for lack of posts. I'm away for a little bit. Back Tuesday. And by that time ill of finished that FO3 fan art. Something to look forward too :)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Bethesda has today released a brand new game play trailer for Rage.
it looks like a good game, might pick it up, only because i like bethesda

Thursday, 25 August 2011


going to get my GCSE results. Finally find out if my Fallout NV replay did actually doom me to work in McDonald's for the rest of my life

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

anyone else really excited for Apollo 18 (trailer here)

looks awesome live paranormal activity... on the moon!

im in the middle of a fan art of Fallout 3, ill upload it when im finished, something to look forward too :)
To all my new followers, let me formally introduce myself, i am james and i love games. i play games all the time.
im not in this blogging thing for the money, hence no ad's im in it because i want to share my love of games with other people who love games as much as i do.

please comment on my posts, i love feedback and talking to other people who have a passion for games

thank you :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

take 3 minutes and 11 seconds out of your day to listen to this song,
The battlefield 3 tools, gadget and equipment list has been released, finally, im so excited for that game

Grenades / Mines / Explosives
- M67 hand grenade
- M18 smoke grenade
- Claymore anti-personnel mine
- M15 anti-tank mine
- C4 explosives
- Medkit (Assault class)
- Defibrillators (Assault)
- Ammo pack (Support)
- Welding tool (Engineer)
- Motion sensor (Recon)
- SOFLAM laser designator / marker (Recon)
- M224 60mm Mortar
- M26 MASS
- M320 launcher
- EOD Bot
- MAV Micro UAV

  cant wait for this game it looks awesome!

New background

Just finished editing my new background. Putting of on tonight

Monday, 22 August 2011

Ny friend just asked me if I had.completed minecraft yet :l facepalm.jpg

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pointless Blogger on the go

Just activated my mobile Blogger app :) thought is let everyone who reads my blog know. Which is no one. No one knows

First Post that no one will see for 3 months

hey gamers! This is my first post ever! Quite a milestone in my life, i would think anyway.Let me introduce myself a little bit, Hi im James. I play too many games, watch too much tv, eat a ridiculous amount , watch way too many YouTube videos,  and do my fair share of masturbation.
With Resistance 3 just round the corner Insomniac has finally revealed the trophy list

Gardener (Bronze) – Destroy 100 Blast Roots.
Slaybells (Bronze) – Make Santa and his reindeer fly.
Up Your Arsenal (Bronze) – Get a kill with every weapon in your arsenal.
Overload (Bronze) – Use the EMP to take down 15 Steelhead auger shields.
Cheap Shots (Bronze) – Kill 25 enemies firing the Auger through an object.
Grenadier (Bronze) – Kill 3 or more Military Chimera with a single grenade.
Raining Limbs (Bronze) – Kill 25 Grims using only Grenades.
Corpse Wagon (Bronze) – Kill 3 enemies simultaneously using a single plagued body.
Juggler (Bronze) – Inflict 4 enemies with each status ailment.
Nothing but Net (Bronze) – Score a basket by lobbing a grenade through a basketball hoop.
Weaponsmith (Bronze) – Upgrade 5 weapons in Campaign.
This is My Rifle (Bronze) – Fully upgrade one weapon in Campaign Mode.
Backstabber (Bronze) – Kill 20 enemies with Melee while they are idle.
Toast (Bronze) – Use the upgraded Deadeye secondary fire to kill 2+ enemies 5 times.
Counter-Sniper (Bronze) – Use the Deadeye to kill 20 snipers.
Electric Avenue (Bronze) – Use the EMP to take down 25 drones.
Warp Speed (Bronze) – Use the EMD secondary fire to kill 30 enemies.
Feeling Lucky Punk (Bronze) – Detonate multiple Magnum rounds to kill 2+ enemies at once – 5 times.
Fireworks (Bronze) – Use the Wildfire secondary fire to kill 6 enemies in one shot.
Boom Stick (Bronze) – Use the upgraded Rossmore secondary fire to set 6 enemies on fire at once.
Tag You’re It (Bronze) – Kill 40 Bullseye tagged enemies.
Opportunity Knocks (Bronze)– Kill 20 enemies with environmental objects.
Expert Sniper (Bronze) – Get 50 headshot kills in Campaign Mode.
Collector (Bronze) – Collect 10 intel.
Waste Not (Bronze) – Get 5 headshot kills with one Deadeye clip.
Shoe Leather (Bronze) – Travel 100 miles on foot.
Land, Sea, and Air (Bronze) – Travel in 3 different vehicles in your journey.
Buckshot (Bronze) – Kill 2+ enemies with one Rossmore blast.
Access Denied (Bronze) – Absorb 1000 damage with Auger Shields.
From the Hip (Bronze) – Kill 25 enemies with the Bullseye or Marksman while moving.
Chamber Full of Death (Bronze) – Kill 5+ Hybrids at once by using the HE .44 Magnum secondary fire.
Helping Hands (Bronze) – Revive a Co-op player 20 times.

 Irresistible Force 
 (Silver) – Complete Campaign Mode on any difficulty.
Master Mechanic (Silver) – Fully upgrade all weapons in Campaign Mode.
Archivalist (Silver) – Collect all journals.
Silent Partner (Silver) – Damage the same enemy in Cooperative Mode for 100 kills

Brutal (Gold) – Complete Campaign Mode on Superhuman.Hidden trophies –

contains SPOILERS

 :Short Out (Hidden)– Defeat the stalker in under 60 seconds.
Bouncer (Hidden) – Keep Chimeran forces from entering the Brewpub.
Calm Under Pressure (Hidden) – Defeat the Brawler in the Post Office in under 2 minutes.
Snipe Hunt (Hidden) – Collect all Deadeye rifles without dying while fighting the Widowmaker in St. Louis.
Roops! (Hidden) – Knock a Hybrid off the cliffs in Mt. Pleasant, PA.
Frickin’ Laser Beams (Hidden) – Get to the first mineshaft without being hit by sniper fire.
Vehicular Manslaughter (Hidden) – Destroy 10 Warden vehicles.
Hello Driver (Hidden) – Kill 5 drivers without destroying their vehicle.
BARF! (Hidden) – Make 6 Wardens puke at the same time in the prison.
One Eyed Jack (Hidden) – Find and kill ‘Jack’ in Graterford Prison.
No Escape (Hidden) – Destroy all Warden vehicles in the motor pool.
In This Together (Hidden) – Defeat the Widowmaker in Times Square without killing a single Hybrid.
Good Fences (Hidden) – Don’t allow any counter-attackers into the Washington Square base.
Medusa (Hidden) – Freeze 5 enemies at once and destroy them with a blast of the Cryogun’s alt fire.
Bull in a China Shop (Hidden) – Freeze and melee kill 3 Ravagers.
from the trophy list i can already tell that resistance 3 will live up to the reputation of Res 1&2
 What Ive been playing
ive been playing a little COD 4 with my irl friends, i quickly became tired because of the sheer volume of hacked lobbies with their speed hacks and prestige shit all in one annoying unplayable lobby filled with squeaky mid puberty voices. I played a Minecraft custom map called 'its better together' its a two player map based on Portal 2 co-op mode. it was a very challenging map, which forced me to rage more than a few times.
i would give the map 4/5 because it is a well built map but at times is a bit difficult to see what you have to do and can get a bit repetitive at times  you can play the map yourself here